Is homework killing you?

Let’s accept the fact, homework takes away almost all the time which students have for fun. That is not acceptable to students as well as their parents. Homework may be accepted as a medium for learning but unfortunately, this medium is highly inefficient and is known to causing stress, hypertension, inferiority complex and insomnia in students. To know how deeply homework stress can harm you click here 

The homework pressure sometimes increase to such a level that students ask their parents directly “do my homework for me”. This acts as a means for students to discharge their homework stress. Which ultimately adds up to the stress of parents!!

Homework Helper

Son asking parents “Do my homework for me”

As can be seen from the figure below, tension to a level creates good stress in the bodies of students and this good stress keeps them moving and motivated however, once the tension reaches the optimum point, the role of homework helper comes into picture.

Now, the important question. Who is homework helper? Anyone who can help student in reducing their stress level not only by completing their homework but also help student in achieving good grades is homework helper.

homework helper

Good stress VS bad stress

Here is another question, can all parents help their kids in completing all their homework all days? The answer is a big “No”. These days parents are too busy with their work schedules and they themselves are suffering from fatigue, exhaustion and breakdown and that’s why, homework not only impact the students, but also their parents and other family members.
What’s the solution? Solution is the help of homework helper who can take all the burden of homework thereby taking that extra stress out from the minds of students & their parents and by helping students and their family members to have time for each other.


Stressed VS desserts

Stressed VS desserts

“Stressed” is very similar to “Desserts”!! Wondering how? Desserts is stressed spelled backwards. We take your stress and let you enjoy your desserts. I mean, whatever you like to do. We have the passion to help students and we have been doing this tirelessly for last 4 years. Let us take your bad stress “distress” caused by homework and keep doing things which excites you, keep experimenting and keep learning new things. After all that is called the real development.

We are your homework partners. So next time a student comes to you asking “do my homework for me”, or you yourself have any homework pressure, you know what you got to do!! to know more about our online homework help service, click here. To know more about our methodology of helping students, please click here 

We help students in homework of all subjects be it math homework, finance homework, essay writing, article writing homework or any other subject.


Maths Hotline Service

Live homework

Maths Homework Hotline Service

Tired of doing your math homework? Are you finding it difficult to complete it or running out of time? If yes, then you are at the right place. A place which acts as a homework hotline for all students around the world. First of all, Don’t panic! Keep calm and keep reading. We understand your as well as of millions of students who do not have time to complete their math homework or don’t know how to complete it or are missing out cool things because of their homework.That’s why we have started a service “homework live” wherein we provide math help online to students at a very nominal price. Students have to just email their questions or paper to and make the requisite payment and that’s it. Our experts, who are mostly the experienced teachers, will complete your math homework online. The completed math homework will be delivered to your email id within the specified time.

Homework Hotline for Maths

One stop solution for all math problems

Math is a tricky subject and involves millions of mathematical formulas and therefore using correct approach for solving a maths question is extremely important. Students generally follow wrong approach for tackling math problems and end up in getting wrong solutions. At homework live service, we make sure that not only our approach and formulas are right but also that the solutions are easily understandable by the students.

Thinking what happens of you don’t understand the solution? Don’t worry. We understand that may happen for a reason or another. To further help you understanding the solutions we, on request of student, we arrange a private chat session with the math teachers wherein you can ask for any clarification related to your math question or math paper.

Basically “homework live” service has been started by the lovers of maths and they want to position this service as “homework hotline” for all students struggling to complete their math homework. Not all students find it difficult to complete their math homework still, they avail our homework live service because they do not have time to complete their homework.

Recently, Rachel (name changed) visited our website and submitted her math homework to us giving us time of 10 hours. She contacted our chat representative and explained us why she wanted to submit the math homework. She said that she knows how to complete it but she don’t have time to do that because she want to go enjoy with uncle’s family as they have visited their house for the first time and they have come from London (U.K). Well, we completed the assignment and she came back to our website and told us that she got A+ in the homework. What more a good service provider looks for?

good change

We accommodate your suggestions

Change is the law of nature and those who don’t change, don’t achieve their targets. We understand this fact and have made number of changes in our homework hotline service on the basis of recommendations which we received from our customers. That’s how it should be, right? We are in market because of the trust of our customers in quality of our homework help service. Unlike our competitors who consider change as a threat, we consider change as an opportunity to learn and grow. Also, we know the fact that if we do not change and do not accommodate your suggestions in our services, you will leave us! won’t you?

“Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater.”-Albert Einstein 

homework live

Wish Einstein availed our homework live service

The above quote suggests that even Albert Einstein faced problems with maths!! Why would he not. Maths is full of complicated formulas. Wish he had our homework hotline service for availing maths help online 😛

So next time you face problem with your math homework, you know what you got to do! Just email your math questions or paper to and let us do the rest while you enjoy things which you want to. You can also visit our website and chat with our 24*7 online chat representative to get any help.

How to score best grades in assignments

There are three ways to score well in school/college/university assignments.

1. Learning in classes and then practicing the application of learning.
2. Taking help of tutor, learning concepts which you did not learn or failed to learn in class.
3. Taking help of

score best grades with help of

How to score best grades using in school/college/university assignments

All the three methods leads to same objective however, they require different level of dedication from the student. In the first approach, student has to learn all concepts in the class himself, no matter how! As a class size ranges from 10 to 30 students and teachers normally have 45 to 60 minutes for a class, the maximum individual attention a teacher can give to a student ranges from 2 minutes to 6 minutes. It is extremely difficult for the students to learn, understand and check the applicability of those concepts in this much amount of time. Further, in-case you miss a class, you are in big problem. The reason is that teacher teach you in classes using step by step mechanism, that’s how our curriculum are designed. If you miss a step, it becomes difficult to learn the concepts at the next step.

The next step involves help of a tutor. The tutor would charge you money but will only help you in learning the things taught in class. He/she wont solve your homework/assignment. You got to pay tutor a fee which may vary from few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. In addition to the homework given by the teacher in class, the tutor will give you homework. That means you have double load to carry in fixed amount of time. This step involves a lot of dedication on part of student as well as the tutor. However, if you can handle the pressure of school/college along with the work load given by tutor, this is recommendable. Normally, students do not have the time and skills to handle such pressure and this results in poor academic performance even with the payment to the tutor.

The last method involves taking help of In this method, you are required to learn from the solutions provided by team of experts. This way, you will learn without the fear of losing grades or marks. This method gives psychological support to students wherein they have nothing to lose and have opportunity to learn by seeing the solutions and also by asking questions to experts of www.onlineassignmenthelp. net. That too, 24×7, which means you have no boundation of timing. You can ask questions anytime you want to study further, you can get the explanations over chat or email which can be referred any number of times free of cost!

Visit us at to learn without fear, to learn how to excel and to make a difference.

Optimum utilization of scare resources

Economics is about making optimum utilization of given resources. what does it mean? It means that most of the times there are not unlimited resources available for allocation. For example, we do not have unlimited amount of money and therefore we have to allocate the limited amount of money which we have for gaining maximum satisfaction. Say, you are hungry, all your friends are out of town and are you are getting bored and you have $ 100. You have a choice to buy a pizza for $80, eat bananas for $20 and watch a movie for $20. What would you prefer under such circumstances?

Ideally (not all people), you would first buy a pizza for $80 and will then either buy bananas or buy a movie ticket depending upon the utility of bananas and the movie ticket. Utility is noting, its just the urge or the want. In our case, it would depend upon whether your want for bananas is more than movie or vice versa. So, if you are still hungry after eating a pizza and are willing to forgo a movie for bananas, you would buy bananas; otherwise, you would go for a movie.

This example shows that, for all scare resources we have to make choices on the basis of our utilities. A not so rich father sacrificing a game of golf (his favorite sport) for paying the school fee of his son, is another appropriate example. In this example, father does that because, for him the urge or want for education of his son is more than the urge for watching a game.

These example were simple and had limited number of choices However, in real life we have a lot many choices and there are constraints too.

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Stop Worrying About Your Assignment By Taking Our Help

There are many who find it extremely difficult to complete their programming assignment. This is because the subject matter of programming contains various aspects which often become tough for the students to understand. Especially the parts of the coding and debugging prove to be a problem for them. Now, it is, needless to say, that doing your homework on your own is the best option. However, when you are completely clueless what to do, then taking our help is the best option for you.

assignment help

Programming assignments

How we help

We have experts who are maestros in the field of programming. They have their established career in their respective genre. However, their passion for writing has made them work with us. They help you in getting the best kind of Programming Assignment Help. They have a proper idea about handling of the different aspect of programming. They also understand the way to execution of each aspect. That is what helps them in writing your assignment without any flaw. They can ensure that the idea of your assignment will be fresh and the whole piece will be uniquely written.

Availing our services

To get out services, you have to pay a visit to the website of There you will come across the quotation page. There you can ask for the service charge we will charge for your assignment. We have kept our Programming Assignment Help extremely affordable. Along with that, we provide you with the best kind of discount packages which make our service even cheaper.

Marketing Essentials

Many years ago, I asked a renowned marketing expert, “How exactly you define marketing”. He simply said “it’s just about creativity”. I was not satisfied with the answer so I wrote an email to the expert (who happens to be a dean of marketing department in one of the world’s most renowned university). In the email I asked him, if marketing is about creativity, then why we are not teaching students how to develop or enhance creativity, and stop focusing on the different theories of marketing? It’s been more than 2 years, I have not received any reply from his side.

Many experts believe that marketing theories which are being taught in business schools/colleges sets the foundation and help students stay focused. On the other hand, critics and some marketing experts suggest that marketing theories are least important for students and students should be given real life situations to demonstrate their marketing skills and in this process, they explore all available options and learn. The topic, is a matter of debate.

Unlike mathematics and many other subjects wherein students have to focus on particular subject to excel, Marketing takes inputs from psychology, sociology, mathematics, economics, finance and many other subjects. Therefore, to learn and understand marketing as a subject, students are required to understand the concepts of these subjects. So now we have theories of marketing plus the concepts of other ten odd subjects. Do we have so much energy and time to do that? The answer is a big NO.

So what students can do?

When I was in business school, my marketing professor said “if you want to learn marketing, look into the garbage box of your house for 2 hours”.

Be a good observer and try to analyze the impact of different marketing activities followed by different companies in terms of their reach, message, target market and their POD’s (point of differences). There is a fine line of difference between marketing, advertising and public relations. A marketing student should be very clear on these concepts.

“If a young man tells his date she’s intelligent, looks lovely, and is a great conversationalist, he’s saying the right things to the right person and that’s marketing. If the young man tells his date how handsome, smart and successful he is — that’s advertising. If someone else tells the young woman how handsome, smart and successful her date is — that’s public relations.”

However, learning and understanding these concepts takes time.

We at write marketing assignments on behalf of students and we make sure that the student understand each and every solution. We go a step further by providing students an opportunity to ask more questions to our experts via online chat mechanism. That way, we have made thousands of students learn marketing.  This approach has one added benefit which is really substantial as students have time to try solving the problems themselves without losing marks. We call this approach as “learning without fear” wherein students have no pressure to pass or score high.

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Learning without fear

Have you ever felt pain in back of your head while understanding concepts of finance?

I and most of my friends have.

I have done masters in finance and I understand most of the things of finance, if not all. So why I and my college mates find it difficult to solve finance problems and why is finance not fun?

Although finance involves a great deal of mathematics however, it is not just about mathematics.  We understand and learn most of the things by relating things with real life experiences. The theories of finance are not easy to digest for learners as there are too less options to relate those theories with real life experiences in order to learn them.

How do we remember basic rules of mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication and all? We use them in real life almost daily and even if we have to solve somewhat difficult mathematical problem such as of probability or permutation and combination, we simply start with relating the problem with real life events. This gives us an answer why we forget whatever we learn about finance. But why do we care about that?

Well, because it is important for scoring respectable grades and pass the class, our career and because everyone likes to make money and managing the money. We live in a system which runs on money so we have to manage money. This suggests, on one hand everyone wants to manage money while on the other hand they find learning finance and applying finance learning in real life difficult.

market type

Market Scturtures

Almost forgot to mention a very important fact. Theories of finance are based on the concept of perfect markets. Perfect markets are markets where all people have all the information required for making investment decisions however, we are not living in perfect markets. Take example of stock markets, do we have all information about all stocks traded on stock exchanges? If yes, why they do insider trading? How big investment firms always make money and not lose money in stock markets and all common men do?

Take another example, you must have heard of and seen people investing in properties saying that the price of property is going to increase in the area because of so and so development. If the market is perfect, why not everybody have such information?

To be precise,  markets can never be perfect and hence, all theories of finance have limitations in real life. It is good that markets are not perfect otherwise there will be very less opportunities for all of us to earn. That’s my view and I can back my answer with lots of examples. If you have any other view, please let me know in comments.

Thus, there exists a knowledge gap which starts right from schools. Believe me, most of the finance students do not know how to balance and read a balance sheet, calculate financial ratios and understand their implications forget about capital budgeting decisions or valuation. This happens because in most schools and colleges, teachers do not have time to give attention to all students of the class as a result, students study just to pass. Believe me, most of them do not even pass!!

Further, in all our texts book, the unsolved problems are based on the solved problems and hence, students just follow the steps followed by the writer in solving the solved example and that’s how they solve the unsolved problems. However, in college examinations and other competitive examinations, the questions change and then.. you know, most of the students fail.

Is this the right approach to learn finance?

Well no. There are better ways to learn finance. We at make sure that the student understand each and every solution which our experts do on behalf of students. This part is same as learning from the solved examples. We go a step further by providing students an opportunity to ask more questions to our experts via online chat mechanism. The chat can be saved or emailed by us for revision. That way, we have made thousands of students learn finance.  This approach has one added benefit which is really substantial. When our experts write/solve finance assignments of students, students have time to try solving the problems themselves without losing marks and they have the option to explore new concepts and questions. Once we send across the solved assignment, students can check whether they have done it right nor not. We call this approach as “learning without fear” wherein students have no pressure to pass or score high.

If you have any finance assignment and you are willing to learn finance, send across your assignment to us at




The Necessity of Better Subject Grip and Grades with Online Assignment Help

Education has evolved with the evolution in technology. Education seeks and seizes opportunities of growth, development and expansion. It thrives on its own specifications and guidelines. It is fundamentally essential to comprehend the matter of study in hand. Be it Finance, Management, Technology, English, French, Medicine, Geography, or any subject of your choice. With time, the incremental expectation and pressure of excelling at extra-curricular and co-curricular activities simultaneously, has more often than not, bewildered the students. The necessity for a little help arose, and with it, the influx of options.

The methodologies of service

If you are a student and do not have the luxury of time to devote in studies for a certain period, for some emergency or a soccer competition, then you can easily turn to any of the numerous academic companies. The methodologies of imparting online assignment help are strictly based on tired and tested scientific theories in practice. Qualified professionals and educationists deploy the seven steps of service. Reference article provision, online mentoring, interactive activities like quizzes, experiments and games, impart freshness in delivery. If you are on the verge of tears trying to digest a “boring” concept of your “undesirable” Finance subject, try them out. Inflating your interest in the subject and the topic will be on their shoulders. The services are cathartic.

Efficacy in professional approach

Professionalism emerges as the winner, always, especially so if the victory is based on, consumer satisfaction. Online assignment help has the requisite efficacy. If you have already taken a fancy to try them, wait till you actually seek for their help. You will know the difference when you do. Timely deliveries of assignments, expert analysis of topics, interactive mentoring sessions, powerful visualization techniques, they employ all, and more. Optimum awareness of any topic is intuitively integrated with its practice. The academic experts create the most imaginative platforms you can ever dream of, for making you practice the topics, provided you have opted for the service. The best part is yet to come. You can afford the service from your pocket money, at a nominal charge. So rejoice and surrender in edification.

Understand Your Subjects Better With Online Assignment Help

Each subject thrives on its own set of specifications. As a student, your main job is to understand these fundamentals, on which the structure of the subject stands. You can secure a high grade, only when your understanding of the logic behind every topic is clear. Assignments are intended towards understanding the application of the theories. However, at times, squeezing out sufficient quality-study time, from your daily schedule, becomes a daunting task. Multiple academic companies have emerged in the education market, to help you deal with the stress and deadlines of study.

Learning methods offered

The academic companies, which provide online assignment help, employ qualified professionals, academicians and educationists, holding postgraduates and doctoral degrees. They are experts in their respective fields. The way these companies impart lessons, is devised under strict scientific guidelines. The services can be divided into seven broad categories. The reference articles provide, in-depth strategic and theoretical functions, of an exhaustive list of subjects. You can opt for live tutoring, at your own convenient time. A plethora of interactive learning activities, quizzes, games and scientifically devised experiments, give the service, the desired value.

Professionalism in service

The efficiency of professionalism is universal. Expert academic support gives you the optimum level of understanding. The mentors guide you through every step of the process of interactive learning. Visualization is an important technique in optimum grasping of any subject. Visual presentation, interactive mentoring, day and night connectivity, extensive and intensive resource materials, make online assignment help desirable. Moreover, timely deliveries and professional quality of assignments come at a nominal fee.

Demand and Supply of Online Economics Assignment Help in Equilibrium

The Laws of Demand and Supply have to be in equilibrium to help the market function optimally. This can hardly be said for the general economic condition of the world. But the scene of existing academic companies with ever-increasing number of students flocking to them for ready reference quite reflects the equilibrium of demand and supply in educational market. The reason is obvious and simple and that is the quality of delivery and utmost professionalism. Economic analysis is applied through society in business, healthcare, government, education, law, science etc. The functional domain of these academic companies is going stronger each day.

Domain structure of service

Economics Assignment Help is imparted in various ways. If you want your theoretical skills honed along with your practical application of the same, turn to these companies. They are either free or paid. The free websites include ready reference materials which you can access anywhere, anytime. The basic requisite is having internet connectivity. Again, with technology advancement, getting assignment help has become a cake walk. The other option is opting for a paid membership in any portal which offers extensive assignment help to mentoring, depending on your requirement. Scientific processes, dedication and professionalism are reflected in their training, writing, presentation and resources.

Cost and efficiency matters

With the advent of electronic information system, trades happen in virtual markets where the buyers and sellers hardly get to meet. This does not cause any hindrance in the virtual economic exchange occurring daily on every corner of the world. The field of education is no different. The payment you make for securing Economics Assignment Help from the academic companies is utilized towards getting to optimum level of resource, mentoring and ready assignments. The efficacy in delivery goes beyond questioning. The rates vary, however, from company to company and you can find one in literally every location world-wide. You should ideally select the ones which suit your pockets, timing and other specifications.