Is homework killing you?

Let’s accept the fact, homework takes away almost all the time which students have for fun. That is not acceptable to students as well as their parents. Homework may be accepted as a medium for learning but unfortunately, this medium is highly inefficient and is known to causing stress, hypertension, inferiority complex and insomnia in students. To know how deeply homework stress can harm you click here 

The homework pressure sometimes increase to such a level that students ask their parents directly “do my homework for me”. This acts as a means for students to discharge their homework stress. Which ultimately adds up to the stress of parents!!

Homework Helper

Son asking parents “Do my homework for me”

As can be seen from the figure below, tension to a level creates good stress in the bodies of students and this good stress keeps them moving and motivated however, once the tension reaches the optimum point, the role of homework helper comes into picture.

Now, the important question. Who is homework helper? Anyone who can help student in reducing their stress level not only by completing their homework but also help student in achieving good grades is homework helper.

homework helper

Good stress VS bad stress

Here is another question, can all parents help their kids in completing all their homework all days? The answer is a big “No”. These days parents are too busy with their work schedules and they themselves are suffering from fatigue, exhaustion and breakdown and that’s why, homework not only impact the students, but also their parents and other family members.
What’s the solution? Solution is the help of homework helper who can take all the burden of homework thereby taking that extra stress out from the minds of students & their parents and by helping students and their family members to have time for each other.


Stressed VS desserts

Stressed VS desserts

“Stressed” is very similar to “Desserts”!! Wondering how? Desserts is stressed spelled backwards. We take your stress and let you enjoy your desserts. I mean, whatever you like to do. We have the passion to help students and we have been doing this tirelessly for last 4 years. Let us take your bad stress “distress” caused by homework and keep doing things which excites you, keep experimenting and keep learning new things. After all that is called the real development.

We are your homework partners. So next time a student comes to you asking “do my homework for me”, or you yourself have any homework pressure, you know what you got to do!! to know more about our online homework help service, click here. To know more about our methodology of helping students, please click here 

We help students in homework of all subjects be it math homework, finance homework, essay writing, article writing homework or any other subject.


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